Difference Engine:

We want to make our Party open to everyone, so we have enlisted the help of our friends Talking Birds to bring The Difference Engine to Nottingham Playhouse for the first time!   


What is it? 

A discrete new tool for making performances and events accessible to deaf or hard-of-hearing audience members by delivering captioning direct to their own mobile devices.


How does it work? 

Just download the Free app to your smart phone or tablet and you are good to go (yes we did say free….)


The Difference Engine app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is now available on the App Store (for iOS version 7.1 and above).  If you have an Android device, you can find The Difference Engine App on the Google Play Store.  


Devices running older versions of Android or iOS, or other operating systems (like Windows Phone), can still receive Difference Engine captions by using the web browser. Simply follow these instructions when you are at an event.

How did it come about? 

The Difference Engine was created by Talking Birds Theatre Company to help make performances accessible for as many people as possible – originally created for the company there has been such a demand for the technology they are now rolling it out to companies across the UK and have a whole list of shows you can see. Its so good it’s been shortlisted for the 2019 Stage Innovation award! 


Have you got an instructional video about it? 

Sure check it out here:




What if I can’t get it working?  

Email us! 

Still no joy? Just pop along 20 mins before the show and someone will be around to help.

Which shows will be captioned?


Blood, Sweat and Vaginas


Sexy Lamp


DadMan: The Bathtime Warrior

Shelley Draper is Camilla, Cat and Jules

look for The Difference Engine Symbol next to each show information!

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