Applications have now closed for the 2019 Festival

We are seeking applications from companies or individuals where women / non-binary artists have at least 50% of the creative agency. We define creative agency as the capacity of an artist to act of their own free will and have the power to make decisions about the work.

We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and circumstances, and from any and all voices that represent the diverse spectrum of female experience.


Please note: If you have a show which has a larger cast or higher touring costs and the £250 guarantee prevents you from applying as it won't cover your costs, please apply anyway. We have the potential to pay larger guarantees for some shows that have higher touring costs. Please flag up on your application that this would be the case so we are aware when making programming decisions. Thank you.

Tech Specs for The Neville Studio and festival Info for Applicants 

If you need any more infomation

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