Triggers and Advisories:

Blood Sweat and Vaginas:

14+ Contains scenes of a sexual nature and strong language. Flashing lights.


14+ Contains scenes of a sexual nature, strong language/swearing and flashing lights

Trigger warnings: Touches on weight loss and body dysmorphia.

Sexy Lamp:

12+ Contains occasional strong language.


Kill the Princess:

16+ Deals with adult themes. One scene references hanging.


15+ Contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature. Discussion of sexual assault. 



12+ Contains some themes or language that may not be suitable for younger audiences; themes of violence and references to miscarriage. Strobe lighting.



16+ Strong language. Highly visible fake blood. Graphic description of violence and medical procedures.

Complex themes around serial killers, murder, violence and abuse.



15+ Occasional strong language and adult subjects such as relationship issues, sex and cartoonish violence. 


Shelley Draper is Camilla Cat and Jules:

14+ Contains strong language and adult themes. Touches on mental health and suicide.


The Question:

12+ May explore grown up themes.  As it is an improvised show the content will be lead by the audience.

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